Sunday, January 15, 2017

MATE 1.17 Packages Rebuilt

Since last Current update, most MATE users will realize that they can't view PDF files on Atril anymore. The reason is simple: poppler update broke it. Atril needs to be recompiled against new poppler and it should be fixed. But that comes another problem: i haven't publish the SlackBuild for 1.17, only binary packages for testing.

I decided to rebuilt all MATE packages for current this morning. I simply remove all MATE packages on my VM and pull the latest changes from my (was) private branch and build the latest one. All sources are now use 1.17 version number, EXCEPT for one: mate-icon-theme-faenza. It's still under investigation from upstream since it failed during make dist-check. Upstream have decided to bring back mate-calc since it's ported to GTK3 now so i simply removed Galculator from my MSB repository.

All the binary packages for MATE 1.17 are now uploaded to and i have pushed my branch called 1.17-prep in github. You can use that branch to build MATE 1.17 from source. This is a temporary branch and changes for 1.17 will be force-pushed. Once mate-icon-theme-faenza reached 1.17.0, i will merge this branch to master branch and it will diverge from the stable branch: 14.2-mate-1.16.

Also, i'm planning to include a new package called caja-actions. This package was requested by one of MSB user and he created the initial SlackBuild for me. I reviewed it and decided to adopt it as part of my MSB scripts. It will get added once 1.17 is complete.

For those who have been using mate 1.17 from my binary packages, please make sure to use upgradepkg --reinstall --install-new to reinstall all binary packages which was built against latest current update per Jan 14.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Security Update and Big Updates in Current

Three security updates have been released in the latest batch of updates:

  • irssi: Upgraded to 0.8.21 for all supported Slackware releases
  • gnutls: Upgraded to 3.3.26 for Slackware 14.0 and 14.1, and 3.5.8 for Slackware 14.2 and current
  • bind: Upgraded to 9.9.9_P5 for Slackware 13.0 up to 14.1, 9.10.4_P5 for Slackware 14.2, and 9.11.0_P2 for Current
In stable there has been a rebuilt of Python 2.7.13 to fix some regressions during last built.

Meanwhile BIG UPDATES are happening in -current and since there are a lot of changes in latest batch of updates, here's some recap but for complete changes, please refer to the ChangeLog:
  • perl: Upgraded to 5.24.0
  • boost: Upgraded to 1.63  (upgrade shared library)
  • hunspell: Upgraded to 1.6.0 (upgrade shared library)
  • ImageMagick: Upgraded to 6.9.7_3 (upgrade shared library)
  • Poppler: Upgraded to 0.50.0 (upgrade shared library)
  • XOrg: Upgraded to 1.19.1
  • grub: Upgraded to 2.0.2~beta3
  • procps-ng: Upgraded to 3.3.12
  • sed: Upgraded to 4.3
  • tcsh: Upgraded to 6.20.00
  • util-linux: Upgraded to 2.29
  • xfsprogs: Upgraded to 4.8.0
  • xz: Upgraded to 5.2.3
  • alsa-utils: Upgraded to 1.1.3
  • sqlite: Upgraded to 3.16.1
  • clisp: Upgraded to 2.49.20161111
  • cmake: Upgraded to 3.7.1
  • flex: Upgraded to 2.6.3
  • m4: Upgraded to 1.4.18
  • make: Upgrade to 4.2.1
  • ruby: Upgrade to 2.4.0
  • subversion: Upgraded to 1.9.5
  • kdelibs: Upgraded to 4.14.27
  • zlib: Upgraded to 1.2.10
  • bluez; Upgraded to 5.43
  • mutt: Upgraded to 1.7.2
  • trn: Removed
  • hexchat: Upgraded to 2.12.4
  • gparted: Upgraded to 0.27.0

Monday, January 2, 2017

Python 3.6.0 in SBo 14.2 repository

Python 3.6.0 has been pushed to master and 14.2 branch in SBo repository in the last public update. There are a lot of new features and changes included in this major release. Some changes may broke other packages depending on Python 3. If you find any broken packages due to Python 3.6.0 changes, let us know by posting in LQ or via our mailing list.

Currently there are 64 packages that list Python 3 as hard dependency:

  • audio/rhythmbox
  • desktop/gis-weather
  • desktop/i3pystatus
  • desktop/i3situation
  • desktop/numix-folders
  • desktop/python-specbar
  • desktop/xfce4-windowck-plugin
  • development/kaaedit
  • development/numpy-legacy3
  • development/numpy3
  • games/lutris
  • games/pybik
  • graphics/CairoSVG
  • graphics/opencolorio
  • graphics/pygifme
  • libraries/CondConfigParser
  • libraries/curses_ex
  • libraries/libgit2-glib
  • libraries/libopenshot
  • libraries/libsigrokdecode
  • libraries/pyjf3
  • libraries/pyqode.core
  • libraries/python3-PyQt5
  • libraries/python3-PyYAML
  • libraries/python3-dvdvideo
  • libraries/python3-pillow
  • misc/gramps
  • multimedia/devedeng
  • multimedia/openshot
  • network/asciinema
  • network/google-cli
  • network/mps-youtube
  • network/social-engineer-toolkit
  • network/urlwatch
  • network/you-get
  • office/LibreOffice
  • python/dbus-python3
  • python/githubpy
  • python/minidb
  • python/py3cairo
  • python/pyqode.qt
  • python/python3-Cython
  • python/python3-appdirs
  • python/python3-augeas
  • python/python3-defusedxml
  • python/python3-dugong
  • python/python3-future
  • python/python3-lhafile
  • python/python3-pycrypto
  • python/python3-pyparted
  • python/python3-pythondialog
  • python/python3-pyzmq
  • python/python3-sip
  • python/python3-xlib
  • system/Attic
  • system/autoarchive
  • system/blocks
  • system/borgbackup
  • system/fs-uae-arcade
  • system/fs-uae-launcher
  • system/lirc
  • system/maintboot
  • system/s3ql
  • system/xonsh
Packages depending on Python will place some info files in /usr/lib{64}/python3.x/site-packages/. If you still have /usr/lib{64}/python3.5/site-packages, meaning that you may need to rebuild that package against Python 3.6.0 and the files will be moved to /usr/lib{64}/python3.6/site-packages/.

Happy rebuilding and Happy New Year 2017