New Toolchain

Patrick finally pushed the basic toolchain in the latest batch of update and it was kinda surprising. First of all, it jumped from GCC 5.4.0 into the newly released GCC 7.1.0. There were a GCC 6.2.0 packages in testing/, but it seems that Patrick decided to abandon that version and go with the latest version instead. The latest GCC 7.1.0 version removed gcc-java and added gcc-brig.

Second toolchain that got bumped is glibc. It's now using the latest glibc 2.25. Some coverage for glibc 2.25 can be read from Phoronix site. I really like this new feature: the stack smashing protector being enabled via --enable-stack-protector=strong.

Third toolchain is the kernel. Patrick is switching to latest LTS release: 4.9.x branch. It's at 4.9.26 at the moment, but it will be bumped as new version got released. I was hoping to get 4.10 or even 4.11, but it seems it would be safer to use LTS kernel.

That's the good side. Now let's see the side effect.

Most likely some of the scripts in SBo may not work with the latest update, mostly due to new GCC. It's a big jump from 5.4.0 to 7.1.0. It will be fixed during the development cycle of the next Slackware release, but for now, you are on your own. Always look for ponce's work on -current branch. That's where all the latest work on SlackBuild script tested on current goes.

If you are using applications or drivers that depends on kernel modules, you might need to find a patch for those applications. I used NVidia legacy driver (304.135) and VMWare Workstation here, so i'm going to post my solution in the next post.

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