GNOME From Scratch Project

This morning i got an email from Rafael Tavares about his new project, GFS (GNOME From Scratch), a personal project that makes possible to use GNOME on Slackware GNU/Linux operating system without systemd or wayland programs. The GFS project will attempt to bring GNOME 3.22 to Slackware Linux. This is the latest version of GNOME available at this moment.

I'm very happy to see more and more Slackware users are contributing to the Slackware Linux community by providing better access to upstream projects. This enables other Slackware users to use their favorite apps/DE which are not provided in the main Slackware repository.

Before you attempt to try this project, please note that GNOME 3.22 REQUIRES new version of GTK-related libraries compared what we have in Slackware 14.2 or current. This project have provided a list of packages that will be upgraded during the process:
  • NetworkManager
  • adwaita-icon-themes
  • at-spi2-atk
  • at-spi2-core
  • atk
  • atkmm
  • dconf
  • dconf-editor
  • gcr
  • gdk-pixbuf2
  • glib-networking
  • glib2
  • gnome-keyring
  • gnome-themes-standard
  • gobject-introspection
  • gsettings-desktop-schemas
  • gst-plugins-base
  • gst-plugins-good
  • gstreamer
  • gtk+3
  • gtkmm3
  • gvfs
  • libsigc++
  • libsoup
  • pango
  • pangomm
  • upower
If you are ready, run this steps:
In console, type:
  1. git clone
  2. cd gfs
  3. ./gfs.SlackMeta
  4. After compile and install, reboot your system.
  5. Use 'startx' to choose Gnome3 (or Flashback).
I'm building a new VM to test this project at this moment and will start to build and leave it while i go to work. Hopefully when i got home later, all is done :)

Big thanks to Rafael for his efforts

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