Security Update: php

PHP package was updated to 5.6.25 for Slackware 14.0, 14.1, 14.2, and current and considered a security update. It's the latest release of 5.6.x branch of PHP, while the main release of PHP is now at 7.0.10 and they are working on 7.1.x branch.

Interesting thing happening on current branch:
  • kernel: Upgraded to 4.4.20
  • python: Rebuilt using ucs-4, requiring all python-based package to be recompiled
  • util-linux: Upgraded to 2.28.2
  • hplip: Upgraded to 3.16.8
  • nano: Upgraded to 2.7.0
  • vim/vim-gvim: Upgraded to 7.4.2342
  • Cython: Upgraded to 0.24.1
  • mercurial: Upgraded to 3.9.1
  • boost: Upgraded to 1.61.0 (this build the soname so every third party packages linked to boost will probably need to be recompiled as well)
  • sip: Upgraded to 4.18.1
  • samba: Upgraded to 4.5.0
  • brltty: Upgraded to 5.4

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