Security Update: kernel, gnupg, libgcrypt

It's not a common thing for Slackware security team to release a new kernel for stable release, but since it has a huge impact and it affected the default kernel used by Slackware 14.2 (and current), Patrick has decided to bump the kernels in the stable and current to the latest version (still in LTS branch) that already got it fixed along with libgcrypt and gnupg security issues that were published last week. It's advised to apply the patches as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

In current branch, there are more fixes:
  • glibc: rebuilt to fix symlink problem
  • diffutils: Upgraded to 3.5
  • linuxdoc-tools: Upgraded to 0.9.72
  • screen: Rebuilt to fix configuration issue
  • binutils: Rebuilt to add more options. This fix build failure with some other packages (eg. google-go-lang in SBo).
  • glib2: Add upstream patch to fix libgio issue
  • network-scripts: Rebuilt to speed up boot time slightly
  • stunnel: Rebuilt to fix incorrect config file name
  • firefox: Upgraded to 48.0.1

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