SlackBuilds 14.2 Repository is Ready

As promised, you don't need to wait for another three months before SlackBuilds 14.2 repository in SBo is ready since actually the repository itself is ready in the same day as Slackware 14.2 release date, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved of testing all the scripts in our repository. We need to do some internal work to update the website to use the latest repository and it took some time to complete, but now it's ready.

In total, we have 5701 scripts in 14.2 branch and there are 2823 commits since we are tracking for Slackware Current in January, 17 (commit).

Here is the announcement:
Here it is! The launch of the repository into the 14.2 era.
With the help of our amazing community we spent the last couple of
months testing, fixing, and updating the scripts in the repository for
the latest Slackware release.  We are happy to say that we think it has
never been better (yes, we say this every time)  

We've added a new template script (haskell) and made some minor tweaks
to the existing templates, so be sure to check those out [1] before
starting to submit new scripts.

We'd like to take this time to welcome the newest member of our admin
team, David Spencer (idlemoor) - it seems that we have one new member
during each release cycle, so start making your bids now 

Thanks to all of our users and maintainers for continuing to do what you
do - your dedication and attention to detail is greatly appreciated.

We've recently added our repos on gitlab to provide another perhaps
easier way to accept changes and new submissions - we're not exactly
sure how it will go, but we're going to give it a try anyway.

See the git log 
for detailed changes since 14.1. Happy Slacking!

-- The SBo team

The repository is now ready to be used from SBo's website, but you will not be able to submit anything yet. Please enjoy Slackware 14.2 at this moment.

Nevertheless, if you found a broken scripts or download URLs, do not hesitate to tell us via slackbuilds-users mailing list. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Happy building :-)

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