Security Update: thunderbird, imagemagick

Two security updates were released in the lasttwo days:
  • Thunderbird: Upgraded to 45.1.1 and applicable for 14.1 and current
  • imagemagick: Upgraded to 6.9.4_5 for current and rebuilt for others (14.0 and 14.1)
Suggestions are flowing for Current in LQ and Pat agreed to push more updates:
  • cdrtools: applied cdrtools-mkisofs patch requested by gmgf
  • hplip: rebuilt with correct paths thanks to kjhambrick
  • LibRaw: upgraded to 0.17.2
  • lcms2: rebuilt to remove PDF/RTF docs 
  • bluez: upgraded to 5.40
  • bash-completion: removed mpv symlink
  • tmux: added some terminfo files, requested by Dugan
  • python-setuptools: upgraded to 21.2.2
  • curl: upgraded to 7.49.1
  • blueman: upgraded to 2.0.4
  • xscreensaver: upgraded to 5.35

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