Security Update: libarchive and Poppler Effect

One security update was released by Pat for Slackware 14.1 and current: libarchive. This package is now updated to 3.1.2 for both version.

More changes coming to current while some bugs were squashed as well to make sure our next release still have the same quality as previous releases. Here are the highlights:
  • syslinux: upgraded to 4.0.7
  • e2fsprogs: rebuilt to fix the ext4 issue
  • mpg123: upgraded to 1.23.4
  • git: upgraded to 2.8.3
  • poppler: upgraded to 0.44.0
  • gnutls: upgraded to 3.4.12
  • MPlayer: rebuilt with --disable-ossaudio
  • xf86-input-wacom: upgraded to 0.33.0
  • ghostscript: upgraded to 9.19
  • libpng: upgraded to 1.6.22
  • libtiff: upgraded to 4.0.6
  • bind: upgraded to 9.10.4_P1
  • libXfixes: upgraded to 5.0.2
  • libxproto: upgraded to 7.0.29
  • imagemagick: upgraded to 6.9.4_4
Due to changes in poppler which bumped the soname library, atril in my MSB project needs to be rebuilt or otherwise you will not be able to load PDF files. I have uploaded the rebuilt version in both repositories (mix and full GTK+3 build), but i didn't bump the version nor build number. Please use upgradepkg --reinstall option.

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