MATE 1.14 with GTK+3 for Testing

Since i have reorganized my GTK3 branch for easily building MATE against fully GTK+3 instead of a mix of GTK+2 and GTK+3, i simply used them to build a fully GTK+3 build of MATE 1.14 and publish them on the same repository, but with -gtk3 naming: 1.14-gtk3. (beware: they all have the same name).

Since i publish a new poll in this blog about which MATE should be used for Slackware 14.2, some people have voted in and i found that almost all of the voters (20 out of 21) said that i should build MATE against fully GTK+3 instead of a mix one.Well, here's a good chance for you to compare between a mix build and fully GTK+3 build of MATE 1.14 against latest Slackware Current.

GTK+3 build still have some issues to tackle in (see upstream notes) and some of them are considered major. Other that the issues mentioned there, it's perfectly usable, but still considered experimental by upstream. More bug fixes are coming all the way in the development cycle and i have been monitoring them since all the discussion happened in IRC.

please test the new fully GTK+3 build and compare it with the mix build.

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