Change of Plan for MATE in 14.2

After thinking about this for a while, i am thinking of changing some of my original idea about MATE for Slackware 14.2.

My original idea is to provide BOTH MATE 1.12 and 1.14 for Slackware 14.2. MATE 1.12 has no changes in terms of number of packages since 1.10 as it was only a bug fixes releases and was done in a short development cycle. At that time, MATE 1.14 was still in the development. I wasn't sure whether i want to take 1.14 because it was late in Slackware's development cycle.

Surprisingly, MATE 1.14 was released in last April and it bring some major changes such as GTK+3 porting, package merge, and many other library bumps here and there. However, it was tested by some people and turns out to be stable for daily usage.

Based on above fact that MATE 1.14 is stable enough and i'm the only maintainer for MSB at this moment, i want to keep the maintenance load in a maintainable level. Hence, my new plan is to provide MATE binary packages starting at 1.14 for Slackware 14.2.

This mean i will start merging 1.14 branch into master soon after this and all development will focus on master after Slackware 14.2 gets released. Once 14.2 gets released, i will make a separate branch 14.2-mate-1.14 to build binary packages for Slackware 14.2.

For those who have been using 1.14 branch from our github repository, please make sure to switch to master.

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