Building MATE Against GTK3

Since 1.14 branch has been merged into master yesterday, i decided to rebase my GTK3 branch against master so that i can test the new GTK+3 build easily.

Things have changed since GTK3 branch was last modified and some of the work in that branch have been integrated in master, so it took some time to reorganize the commit history to make it linear.

Good news that it's now done. You can fully build MATE against GTK+3 (by default still GTK+2, except for some components which was already ported to GTK+3 in 1.14 cycle) simply by running this command:
  • git pull 
  • git checkout GTK3
  • ./ && ./ &&./
As there has been some packages gets added and removed during 1.14 and Slackware 14.2 cycle, please make sure to read MATE-1.14-CHANGES.TXT before building it from source if you are planning to upgrade from MATE 1.12. It's also suggested to log out of MATE before building as you might get locked in while screensaver is active and upgrade process in process.

Please note that GTK3 will be rebased every time a new update in master get pushed, so it's a temporary branch and intended to help me and users out there to build GTK+3 build of MATE. It's not really suitable for production at this moment and considered EXPERIMENTAL although it's USABLE for daily usage.

Let me know if i missed anything or you have any suggestion for GTK+3 build of MATE.

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