Security Update: subversion

One security update was released today:
  • subversion: Upgraded to 1.9.3 and backported to Slackware 14.0 and newer
Interesting update coming to current:
  • git: Upgraded to 2.8.1
  • nasm: Upgraded to 2.12.01
  • strace: Upgraded to 4.11
  • harfbuzz: Upgraded to 1.2.5
  • librsvg: Upgraded to 2.40.15
  • bluez: Upgraded to 5.39
  • mesa: Upgraded to 11.2.0
  • xf86-video-intel: Upgraded to latest git snapshot
  • xorg: Upgraded to 1.18.3
  • xterm: Upgraded to 324
I do believe Slackware 14.2 will be a great release as it support a vast varity of hardware, have most of the latest version of software and libraries, along with LTS kernel.

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