Slackware 14.2 RC 1

Patrick has just published his latest batch of update for current and stable due to security update for firefox and what's interesting for this batch is that he call it 14.2 Release Candidate 1. We reached Beta 2 early last month and now we are getting closer to get it finalized.

There are still some works to do beyond this points, but here's the highlight of the latest changes:
  • kernel upgraded to 4.4.6
  • perl upgraded to 5.22.1
  • M2Crypto upgraded to 0.23.0
  • crda rebuilt against latest wireless-regdb
  • nmap upgraded to 7.1.0
  • tigervnc rebuilt against xorg server 1.18.2
  • new kernel config for just-released Linux Kernel 4.5 in testing
What's follows is most likely polishing and fine tuning the packages so that it's stable enough and not focusing on adding new features except when it's considered important.

Slackware 14.2 is going to be another great release with biggest changes compared to previous releases. It took more than 2 years to develop, but i believe all of Slackware users will be happy with the results.

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