New Cinnamon Build

I haven't been rebuilt my Cinnamon project since last December and since there has been huge changes within current during development cycle, i decided to rebuilt my cinnamon against the latest current update (per 15 March).

I started last night and i went to sleep while the build machine compiling it through the night. This morning, all is done and i uploaded already to the normal repository ( under testing directory. I didn't really test thoroughly for this build and i just make sure it works out of the box and doing some fast check on several major components and all seems to work.

If you are using cinnamon, it's time to upgrade since all libraries are now rebuilt against latest current update. Please use upgradepkg --reinstall to make sure you reinstall all packages despite same version and build number.

As always, i only provide x86_64 packages at this moment, but i will provide both x86 and x86_64 official binaries when 14.2 is released.

Have fun and please test the new build


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