Security Update: libssh

One security update has been released for Slackware stable releases (14.0 and 14.1) and two for current. They are libssh which is available in 14.0 and 14.1 and now upgraded to 0.7.3 and also libssh2 which is available only in current and now upgraded to 1.7.0. Both suffered from same problem: weak key generation but happened on different part of the code, thus a different CVE were assigned for those two packages (CVE-2016-0739 and 2016-0787).

In current, new kernel is now introduced 4.4.3 along with other packages:
  • btrfs-progs 4.4.1
  • sdparm 1.10
  • mariadb 10.0.24
  • gdb 7.11
  • gtk+3 3.18.8
  • libical 2.0.0 
  • sg3_utils 1.42
  • mesa 1.11.2

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