Security Update: libsndfile and curl

Two security advisories has been released today to fix security vulnerabilities in two packages: libsndfile and curl. Both have been applied back to all Slackware releases back to 13.0 (13.37 for libsndfile). For stable version, please note that flac is also upgraded since it's needed by the new version of libsndfile.

In current, there isn't any big changes as before, but more like polishing toward stability. Here are the summary:
  • Update blacklist entry in mkinitrd to prevent error message at boot
  • Upgraded cups, loudmouth, mcabber, stunnel, xf86-video-intel, firefox, and wicd to the latest version
  • Fix an internal compiler error on GCC to fix building wine
  • Revert to older version of ghostscript since it caused some problems with GIMP opening ps or eps files.

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