Security Update: firefox, libpng, bind, openssl

Slackware has released security advisories for 4 packages: firefox, libpng, bind, and openssl. They were targetted for different releases:
  • firefox applies to Slackware 14.1 and current
  • libpng, bind, and openssl applies to all supported Slackware releases (13.0 and newer)
Things are moving forward again in current after Pat pushed many packages to public repository in the latest batch of update. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Kernel 4.1.15
  • GCC 5.3.0
  • OpenSSL-1.0.2e
  • cgmanager-0.39
  • CUPS 2.1.2
  • nano 2.5.0
  • qpdf 6.0
  • cmake 3.4.1
  • flex 2.6.0
  • git 2.6.4
  • python 2.7.11
  • cairo 1.14.6
  • gtk+2-2.24.29 and gtk+3-3.18.6
  • bind 9.10.3_P2
  • dnsmasq 2.75
  • ethtool 4.2
  • samba 4.3.2
  • wget 1.17.1
  • mesa 11.0.7
Meanwhile, Robby Workman has started another thread in LQ about requests for -current after this batch of update, closing the previous thread since it's long enough and probably getting harder to track.

NOTE: the thread are meant for input for next Slackware release. We don't have any timeframe when will the next Beta or next Slackware gets released. Only Patrick himself knows about it and as always, it will be released when it's ready.

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