We Are Almost Beta

Another big batch of updates landed on -current and again, it's pretty big. Unlike previous small batches, this batch incorporates many request from Slackware users in LQ. Your voice, opinions, suggestions are always listened by the team. If they think it's a GO, then they will include it. You may need to be patient though as they don't want to sacrifice Slackware's core values: simplicity, stability, and secure system.

Some highlights on this batch:
  • kernel 4.1.13
  • alsa-{utils,libs}-1.1.0
  • cmake-3.4.0
  • gcc-5.2.0
  • latest gtk/glib libraries
  • bind-9.10.3
  • mesa-11.0.5
  • xorg-server-1.18.0
  • tigervnc-1.5.0
Pat also added several new packages:
  • hwdata
  • squashfs-tools
  • fltk-1.3.3 (in extra/)
  • eudev-3.1.5 (in testing/)
  • libgudev-230 (in testing/)
Please note that this is really BIG and MAJOR update since it utilize new toolchain (GCC) and xorg. Several third party packages may need to be rebuilt (due to shared library bumps) and some may break during compilation due to new GCC that is stricter (see 5.x changes). Your desktop may not load if you are using proprietary drivers that doesn't have support for XOrg-server 1.18 API yet (including mine). So please always read the CHANGELOG before upgrading. Do not run slackpkg upgrade-all without reading the documentation.

Nevertheless, it will be another exciting update! Can't wait to see Slackware 14.2 gets released. I think it deserves to be called 15.0 instead of 14.2 considering the big jump compared to what we have in 14.1.

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