MATE 1.12 Packages for Slackware 14.1

I have finished building MATE 1.12 for Slackware 14.1 and uploaded to the repository provided by Darren 'Tadgy' Austin today and it's now ready for public usage. There are no new or removed packages on this cycle, so the upgrade process should be simple and smooth. It's already documented in the UPGRADE.TXT document coming along in the repository directory.

If you happen to use slackpkg+, please update your repository configuration according to the MSB_SLACKPKG+. If you plan to build it manually from source, please make sure to checkout 14.1-mate-1.12 branch and NOT from master branch.

This will likely be the last release of MATE for 14.1 unless Slackware development cycle takes another year to finish. I'm planning to try to build against GTK+3 for next Slackware as we have an up-to-date GTK+3 library in current (3.18).

Please submit bug report, ideas, or enhancement to our github repository.

Lastly, enjoy MATE 1.12 and looking forward for MATE 1.14 next year.

NOTE for -current Users
As always, -current users are advised to build MATE from source to link against correct libraries installed on their machines. There are some differences between master and 14.1-mate-1.12 branch.

Starting today, master branch will be used for building latest MATE packages using slackware-current.

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