Security Update: Seamonkey, Patch, and Sudo

Pat has released three security advisories for both -stable and -current releases of Slackware. He also push some updates to -current which is quite interesting to see as most of them are basic toolchains.

Here's the recap of the security advisories:
  • Seamonkey is upgraded to 2.32.1 for Slackware 14.0 up to current
  • Patch is upgraded to 2.7.4 for Slackware 13.0 up to current
  • Sudo is upgraded to 1.8.12 for Slackware 13.0 up to current
There's one non-security update in -stable which is btrfs-progs which is now upgraded to 20150213 and also includes the missing header that was reported by Vincent Batts last year. This should enable docker to be built on -stable release.

More exciting things happened in current. Pat has again updated glibc version in current to the latest version: 2.21. This means next Slackware release will jump from 2.17 (used in Slackware 14.1) to 2.21. That's 4 major release. In the past, normally it jumped 2 versions ahead, but this time it's 4.

Along with the glibc updates, Pat also updated some core packages, namely:
  • aaa_elflibs: rebuilt (due to readline update)
  • btrfs-progs: upgraded to 20150213
  • coreutils: upgraded to 8.23
  • e2fsprogs: upgraded to 1.42.12
  • kernel-firmware: upgraded to 20150212git
  • kernel-*: upgraded to 3.14.33
  • sharutil: upgraded to 4.15
  • sysvinit-scripts: rebuilt to make some process runs in background and icon search optimizations
  • util-linux: upgraded to 2.25.2
  • guile: recompiled against readline-6.3
  • parted: upgraded to 3.2
  • readline: upgraded to 6.3
  • ntp: upgraded to 4.2.8p1 and patched rc script not to save system time to hardware clock.
More updates are expected in the future :)

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