EFI and GPT Fixes and KTown Update

Shortly after the big change, some users spotted some problem when using the newly generated ISO based on  the latest update. Pat quickly released a fix, including introducing 2 new packages: lilo-24.1 and util-linux-2.26 which should have better functionality and also fixed some problems with date time in Slackware as mentioned in several threads in LQ (part 1, part 2, and part 3).

If you are KDE fans, you might be delighted that Eric has pushed his latest KDE 5 updates to his KTown repository. It's tagged 5_15.02 and it consists of KDE Frameworks 5.7.0, KDE Applications 14.12.2, and Plasma 5.2.0. He also pushed some updates in extragears. Please read the README for instructions on how to install and upgrade to this version. It requires some spesific steps for this version, so please take some time to read it before blindly upgrading your systems. Remember that this packages are meant for Slackware-Current users only.

Not only KDE 5, Eric also managed to push LibreOffice 4.4.0 update as well. This is a major version and it includes lots of new goodies. For complete reference, please refer to the Release Notes.

I have been quite busy lately, especially during this week, so sorry for the delay of the article and i'll just make a recap of it.

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