Multiple Security Advisories

Several security advisories has been released for all -stable and -current branches back to Slackware 13.0:
  • bind is upgraded to 9.9.6_P1 for -stable and bind-9.10.1_P1 for -current 
  • openvpn is upgraded to 2.3.6 for all branches
  • pidgin is upgraded to 2.10.11 (this package does not have any security advisory, but still included in all branch.
Some packages are only applicable to -stable 14.1 and -current branch:
  • firefox is upgraded to 31.3.0esr in 14.1 (current is already upgraded to 34.0.5 few days ago)
  • openssh is rebuilt to re-add tcpwrapper support that was removed by upstream
  • wpa_supplicant is upgraded to 0.7.3 in 13.37, 1.0 in 14.0, 2.3 in 14.1 and -current
  • seamonkey and seamonkey-solibs are upgraded to 2.31 in 14.1 and -current
  • gptfdisk is upgraded to 0.8.10 in -current only

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