LibreOffice 4.3.5 for Slackware Users

Eric Hameleers has completed building LibreOffice 4.3.5 package for Slackware-Current (and 14.1) users and upload it on his repository which is mirrored through several mirror sites. This version fixes 70 bugs compared to the previous version.

As always, you can grab the source and binary packages on this mirror sites:
 A little note on this:
Reminder to all of you who also have my KDE 5 packages installed: do not use the updated harfbuzz from my ‘ktown‘ repository because it will break LibreOffice. If you are using Mario’s slackpkg+ extension to slackpkg then you can configure it so that Slackware’s own harfbuzz package is preferred over the version which accompanies my KDE 5 packages. See this LQ thread for the details.
You can also use LibreOffice from SBo repository along with it's helppack and langpack which uses a different ways of creating the binary output. It uses RPM binaries from upstream developers, while Eric build it from source.

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