New Kernels on -Current

New LTS kernel release appearing on -current branch along with small number of packages that are being upgraded to the latest version.

The default kernel stock in -current branch has been raised to 3.14.23 and this will continues to go on unless a new LTS version is announced and then probably we will move to that new version. Personally, i'm fine with this version as my personal need (NVidia driver and VMWare Workstation) works perfectly on this kernel without requiring patches at all. It works flawlessly.

Another important update on this batch is bash which is now includes the latest patch available upstream. For now, this should fix all the remaining questions whether the bash package included in Slackware is insecure.

Other changes were minors. btrfs-progs is upgraded and added a header files, mpg123 is also upgraded to the latest version and so does for xfce4-weather-plugin (this should solve a problem reported in LQ).

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