Poodlebleed Fixes

Slackware has released advisories to several products and i didn't write the previous one so consider this as a cumulative updates :)

The previous update was about Firefox and Thunderbird and it's only released in -current architecture. There are no ESR updates for stable releases anymore.

The second and latest advisories is about openssl which is vulnerable to multiple vulnerabilities, including the latest poodlebleed. If you are running public servers, it's highly recommended to upgrade the openssl packages as soon as possible. Use the above link to test whether your server is still vulnerable or not.

Upgrading openssl packages is not enough as your web server application (apache or nginx or any other products you use) can still fallback SSLv3, so you need to disable it manually. Here's how to do it:
  • nano /etc/httpd/extra/httpd-ssl.conf
  • Change
    SSLProtocol all -SSLv2
    SSLProtocol all -SSLv2 -SSLv3
  • Restart apache
You can also force your browser to disable SSL 3.0. If you use Google Chrome, they already disable it since February. For Firefox, you need to set it manually. Open about:config and enter security.tls.version.min and change it to 1. You can check whether your user-agent is vulnerable or not by visiting this URL: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html.

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