MATE Roadmap Updated

Few days ago i saw a discussion on IRC saying that MATE 1.10 will be released soon. I was kinda puzzled as there were lots of item in the TODO list in MATE Roadmap for 1.10. When i checked the Roadmap again, apparently MATE developers pushed GTK+3 support again to future releases (now targetting MATE 1.12) along with other features that didn't make it into MATE 1.10 schedule.

Most of the TODO list for MATE 1.10 have been completed with only 2 left:
  • caja: Plugin system (GSOC 2014)
  • Move all documentation into mate-user-guide 
One of the reason why GTK+3 support is delayed is because they (GTK developers) introduced incompatible changes on every major releases (3.8, 3.10, 3.12, and 3.14), so it's quite hard for MATE developers to support every releases within one version number. So they came up with a decision to release separate package for mate-themes which targets different GTK+3 version, depending on which Linux distribution that are going to use MATE Desktop. You can see the branches in their Github.

Since MATE focused on incremental instead of bigbang changes, i'm hoping that the transition from MATE 1.8 to MATE 1.10 will be smooth. There will be new packages introduced and some packages gets removed. You can check the documentation i provided in Master branch of our MSB project.

There is one package that are going to be removed by upstream, but not yet included in the list of removal package in MSB and that is mate-system-tools. In my opinion, this package can still be used for MATE 1.10 unless no one is using them. Let me know and i will gladly remove it.

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