New Poll: Default Kernel in Next Release

It's quite interesting to find out which kernel releases that will be picked up by Patrick Volkerding for the next release of Slackware. I have added a new poll for that and the time frame for voting is two months from now. I have prepared 5 options which should be more than enough for the next development cycle to pick.

During the development cycle that lead to creation of Slackware 14.1, there were some kernel hopping between releases. Originally, the plan was to use the LTS kernel 3.4.x branch, but then Greg K-H decided to make Linux Kernel 3.10 to be his next LTS kernel and Pat decided to take  that chance to upgrade to 3.10 and picked it up as the default kernel in Slackware 14.1. I wonder what will happen during this cycle. Definitely fun to follow :)

Go vote!!

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