Kernel 3.14.4 Landed in Current

Slackware-Current has moved to the latest kernel 3.14.4 which brings two changes: disabling CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL which disabled some proprietary NVidia drivers to be built against Linux Kernel 3.14.x and also it fixed CVE-2014-0196 which was a race condition that could cause a kernel panic, memory corruption and system crash if the exploit were ran in current machine. I have tested the exploit code and it did freeze my desktop and i had to do a hard reset.

There are several packages which is changed on this batch of updates:
  • gdb upgraded to 7.7.1
  • libelf rebuilt to link headers in /usr/include and enable -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 parameter on 32 bit machine
  • ddd rebuilt to fix the machine code view
Go download and test :)

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