KDE 4.13.1 and LibreOffice 4.2.4 Packages

Eric Hameleers has pushed his update on KDE 4.13.1 for Slackware-Current users and also LibreOffice 4.2.4 for Slackware 14.1 and also Slackware-Current users.

One big change in KDE 4.13.1 is that Baloo now enables you to completely disabled desktop search from System Settings GUI. There has been so many improvements on Baloo as well on this release which can be seen on the issue tracker. LibRaw, KDevelop, oxygen-gtk2, and libkscreen are also upgraded to the latest version following the previous KDE 4.12.x updates.

Get the KDE packages from these mirror sites:
Meanwhile, LibreOffice is also moving forward with 4.2.4 release and it also fixed lots of bugs and getting more mature on every release. Eric will also build LibreOffice 4.1.6 for conservatives or corporate users who still prefer more mature releases soon.

You can grab the LibreOffice packages from these mirror sites:

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