Early Notice for Future MATE Releases

I have posted this on my Google+, but just in case you didn't see them, i will copy and paste it here:
Some headsup for future MATE 1.10 release:
We (me and Chess Griffin) have decided that we will build future MATE 1.10 for Slackware 14.1 against GTK+2, the same toolkit we used to build MATE 1.8. Although MATE 1.10 will fully support GTK+3, we think it's not a good idea to introduce such as a big change for our users. This is assuming that MATE 1.10 will be released before next Slackware gets released.

However, please note that for next Slackware release, we will build MATE against GTK+3 toolkit. Expect some big changes, mainly in the UI look and feel. Have a look on this blog post by Clasen about what to expect in GTK+3-3.12 dialogs (which i think will be landing in the next Slackware release):

I know some of you may like or dislike it, but we will try to keep our policy of bringing MATE desktop on top of latest Slackware release without modifying any core packages.

Stay tune :)
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I have discussed it with MATE developers, and they will bump some minimum GTK/GLIB dependencies to the versions that are still available in Slackware 14.1, so we could still bring MATE 1.10 for Slackware 14.1. However, this will cause Slackware 14.0 users unable to build MATE 1.10 on their machine. They will have to stick with MATE 1.8 or upgrade to Slackware 14.1 (or newer).

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