Numix Icon Theme Added to MSB Repository

I have heard many positive review about Numix Project and their famous Icon Theme sets. Last night, i decided to try it on my desktop. They don't have a released tarball yet, but they are very active in github based on the commit frequency. In short time, i managed to make a SlackBuild script for this and tested it on my desktop and it works nicely.

At night just before midnight, i posted this on my G+ account and asked whether it should be added to MSB repository or not and the responses were mostly positive about it. I finally decided to put it on my MSB repository, BUT not in base nor extra directory, but in testing.

There are two reasons:
  • They are in a very active development and changes occurs everyday (which is a good sign for users), but they don't have a released tarballs which is a bad situation for packages, since typically we based our script to a certain released version (eg. 1.0). While it's easy to set up a SlackBuild script which download them from GIT (which i made actually), it may end up differently from one to another since they may pull a different revision.
  • Not everyone need another fancy new icon-themes for their desktop. They like what MATE has offered them, so i'm not forcing people to download and install this package if they don't need or don't like it. 
Adding it to testing means i don't need to build the packages as well, as we only build binaries from base and extra directory. For those who wanted to try it, grab the newly added SlackBuild script under testing directory of MSB repository (master branch), run it as root, and install them.

Please remember that the base numix-icon-theme should be installed first before you build the rest two themes.

Here are some screenshots i have taken using Numix Icon Theme Circle on top of MATE and also Cinnamon desktop

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