KDE 4.13.0 Released

KDE 4.13.0 has been released to public as of yesterday and this is a new major release of KDE 4.x, even though the REAL BIG change is going to happen in the next major release of KDE 5. As always, new major release of KDE will introduce new apps and this time, they are: artikulate, baloo, baloo-widgets, kfilemetadata and kqtquickchart. Make sure to install them when you upgrade from previous installation of KDE. It's advised to use --install-new when you run upgradepkg command so that you won't miss any new packages.

Besides new apps, there are also new dependencies introduced in this release and they are: eigen3, qt-gstreamer and xapian-core. They are placed on deps/ directory.

Eric Hameleers has published his KDE packages on his KTown repository under current directory (yes, you read it well, CURRENT). He is aiming to build KDE 4.13.x for Slackware-Current users and for now, there are no guarantee that it will work with Slackware 14.1 (although at this moment, we can say that current hasn't changed much from stable besides security updates).

You can grab the packages from mirror sites below:
Eric is also planning to release the next iteration of KDE 4.12.5, which is believed to be the last release of KDE 4.12.x branch in the next two weeks. The packages will be placed on 14.1 directory on his KTown repository so if you used slackpkg+ and have his KTown configured, you will see them next time you run slackpkg update; slackpkg upgrade-all. Don't forget to run slackpkg install-new to install new packages introduced in KDE 4.12.

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