KDE 4.12.3 Released

This post should be posted yesterday, but i was too busy preparing for MATE 1.8 release and then i forgot about it. Sorry about that.

So, this March, KDE 4.12.3 has been released and as previous update, this update only applies to KDE Applications, since the workspace has been frozen since 4.11.x, although there is a new kde-workspace 4.11.7 for this release. Full changes about this release can be seen here.

Besides updating all KDE core packages, Eric Hameleers also give a surprise by updating several other packages like mentioned on his blog post:
Apart from all-new versions for the core applications, I also updated the oxygen-gtk2 and plasma-nm (and libnm-qt, libmm-qt) packages. I was unable to compile the latest oxygen-gtk3 release because Slackware’s GTK+-3 package is too old.
There is one interesting addition! There is a new package called kdeconnect-kde. Together with the kdeconnect-android app for your smartphone or tablet (no iPhone, surely you don’t own one??) it “fuses” your KDE desktop with your mobile device.
 I have tested this new kdeconnect application, but the only think i can do with my Z1 is ping and multimedia control (using VLC). The other features are not yet listed on my phone (some requires a laptop, such as battery status).

Give it a try and download it from these mirrors:

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