Security Updates and Kernel Updates

There are several security advisories released today for Slackware and also a spesific update for Slackware-Current.

First update is for shadow which is now rebuilt to apply mancha's patch to relax some restrictions when the callee is not root user. This should fix gksu problem in SBo and also in MSB project.

MariaDB is now upgraded to 5.5.35 to fix buffer overflow in the MySQL command line client. GnuTLS is also upgraded to 3.1.21 to fix certificate recognition problems. Kernel stock is also updated for x86_64 architecture only for Slackware 14.1 and Current as the CVE only affected the 64 bit machines.

As for Slackware-Current, there is another non-security updates : Firefox 27.0.1. The kernel update should fix mei module attack flood on dmesg as well.

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