KDE 4.12.1 for Slackware-Current

Last week, KDE 4.11.5 were released and this week, another KDE monthly update has been published, but this time, it's KDE 4.12.1. This is the first monthly series for 4.12.x branch and it will be maintained until 4.12.5 (April 2014) alongside with 4.11.9.

As you know, KDE has frozen the kdeworkspace since 4.11, so that means no more updates on that package since the developers are focusing on porting to newer technology, aiming for KDE 5. Starting with KDE SC 4.12.2, the KDE Workspaces 4.11.x releases will be synchronized with those of KDE Applications and Development Platform 4.12.x.

Eric Hameleers has published his KDE 4.12.1 packages through his KTown mirror and you can grab it via mirror sites below:
Don't forget to read the README just to make sure you got a pleasant upgrade experience.

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