EFL 1.8.2, Elementary 1.8.1, and Evas-Generic-Loaders 1.8.1 Updates

Just hours after i published my previous post about EFL 1.8, the Enlightenment team published another set of updates for some of the EFL components:
  • EFL upgraded to 1.8.2
  • elementary upgraded to 1.8.1
  • evas-generic-loaders upgraded to 1.8.1
At this moment, i have them pushed to my SlackHacks repository accompanied with a small build-all.sh script which can be used to automatically build all of the packages in the 18 directory in the correct order.

Please note that in order to avoid library conflict, it's recommended to remove any EFL/elementary libraries first before building the new version.

The enlightenment team also pushed out enlightenment 1.8.0-RC1, but i will not push this out yet and prefer to wait for the final release of enlightenment 1.8.0 soon. If you want to test enlightenment 1.8.0-RC1, you can grab the source from here.

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