Slackware 14.1 Released

After 14 months of development period, Patrick Volkerding has finally released Slackware 14.1 final version to public. The tree has not been updated since few days ago and the last addition was only the config files for newer Linux Kernel 3.12 for those who wanted to play with.

It's a long journey to get 14.1 polished and ready for public consumtion. Many new features has been added, but i guess the biggest one is the support for system running in UEFI firmware (only in x86_64 version only). Patrick has been working for this support for few months back with some help from people who tested the new installer and new packages (elilo, grub 2, efibootmanager). It's not the end of the journey, since it still hasn't support a Secure Boot feature and that will be the plan for the next Slackware release.

Congratulations to Patrick Volkerding on this big and great release. Please consider to support Slackware Linux Project by donating or puchasing items in Slackware Store. This release also received lots of contribution from many people, so it's a big thanks to them also :)

As an addition, Chess Griffin has build and upload MATE 1.6 packages for Slackware 14.1, just hours after Slackware 14.1 announced. Please visit the MSB project homepage :  The binary packages are now ready on the main repository and in short time, it will be available in other backup mirrors as well. For those who wanted to build by themselves, please visit our Github repository at and use the 14.1-mate-1.6 branch (master branch is for tracking upstream development of MATE 1.8).

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