Progress on SBo Repo for Slackware 14.1

It's been a while since my last post about SBo repository for Slackware 14.1 and since then, there has been so many reports of working SlackBuild script as well as updated SlackBuild in forms of GIT patches or even a full tarball sent to slackbuilds-user mailing list, which is a good sign for us. That really helped us clearing the CHECKLIST.

Good news is that at the moment, we have squashed like 1000 packages from the CHECKLIST and about fixing 20-30 packages daily. We are keeping this pace on a daily interval and sometimes more on weekend since we have to do our daily work and activities as well. You will see that Robby merge them to master more frequently than ever so that those who helped us can get the latest update as soon as possible and further do more thorough testing on git master.

The bad news is that we do still have like 1530 packages (per 15 November 2013, 1:08 PM, GMT+7) to be checked and for that to be cleared away, we DO need help, especially for the maintainer to check their own SlackBuilds to make sure they are buildable on Slackware 14.1. If you are not maintainer of a package, but uses another packages and you think you can give us an update or patch to make it work on Slackware 14.1, just post it on slackbuilds-user mailing list. We will take it and push it to the GIT as well.

That's all i can report from now and hoping that more and more people sees this blog post and start contributing to the SBo project. This project needs every contribution from you guys.

You can start by subscribing to slackbuilds mailing list and start contributing :)

I would also give my thanks to all SBo admins who have approved me to become one of the SBo team members. Big thanks to rob0 who had been battling with the configuration to help me setup my mail account and Robby who have guided me through some GIT tutorials. It's a long journey to become a good admins like you guys, but i'm learning all the way. As for SlackBuilds' users, please forgive me if there were some problem caused by my lack of knowledge on SBo workflow. I'm still learning their way of work :)

For SBo-related questions, you can contact me at willysr (at) slackbuilds (dot) org

Update (2:27 PM): Robby just managed to cut the CHECKLIST down to be less than 1400 in less than one hour after this blog post is published :)

Update (16 November 1:18 AM): It's now down to 1160 and still decreasing. Keep those good reports coming in :)

Update (16 November 1:42 PM): 451 to go. Probably before end of November we will have all these cleared away

Update (17 November 10:29 AM): 175 packages left. Woohoo....

Update (18 November 10:04 AM): 61 packages to complete.

Update (20 November 7:23 PM): 4 remaining and most of the last batch are removed due to not maintained by the original maintainer, incompatible with stocks we have in Slackware/SBo, and many other reasons. We are getting closer to release :)

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