KDE 4.11.3 for Slackware Users

It has passed a month since the last KDE release, and it's time for a monthly maintenance release to show up, KDE 4.11.3. This update brings more than 120 bug fixes across all modules, mostly in umbrello, KWin, Dolphin, and Kontact.

Eric Hameleers has generously build this version for Slackware Users (-Current only) and upload it on his KTown repository which is mirrored to several sites:
Please note that Eric has left some note:
The new Plasma Network Management applet which I added to the previous KDE 4.11.2 set, has been seriously reworked by its developers, and the updated version I have as part of the new KDE 4.11.3 needs a bit of manual work if you are currently using that first version. After upgrade, you will notice that the old applet has transformed into a red cross and calls itself an “unknown applet”. Just remove it from the system tray and add the updated one (called again “Network Management v0.9.3.1″).
As always, reading the README is recommended for everyone using this packages

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