Slackware 14.1 RC 2 Announced

It looks like there are still some bug that creeped into RC 1, so Pat issued another RC state and we are now in RC 2. There has been some changes in the toolchain and also in some applications. Here's the recap:
  • GCC is upgraded to 4.8.2
  • Kernel is rebuilt with newer GCC
  • kdelibs is rebuilt to revert 3 upstrem commits which broke KDE in displaying some icons
  • libtool is rebuilt to detect correct GCC version
  • Qt is rebuilt to make sure that libwebcore doesn't end up in QtWebKit.pc
  • mutt upgraded to 1.5.22
  • Samba rebuilt to add symlink to and
  • MPlayer is rebuilt to  add a patch to fix subtitles in the case where MPlayer is recompiled on a system that has libass
  • RDesktop is rebuilt to fix crash with -P and/or -N
  • Correct typos for slackpkg man pages
Please report any problems you encountered on LQ so that it won't be part of Slackware 14.1 that we have been waiting for :)

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