Slackware 14.1 RC 1

Patrick has announced the availability of Slackware 14.1 RC 1 through Twitter and also through the Current ChangeLog. Soon after this, many Slackware users are retweeting his tweet (including me) and also posting some update on LQ (Astrogeek is the first one posting on LQ, but then onebuck posted another thread from Distrowatch).

As usual, there are now ISO currently, as Slackware only provides ISO for final releases only. Fear not, as you can grab AlienBOB's ISO which is built everytime there's a new changes happening on Current tree. They can be grabbed from here (32 and 64 bit).

So, after 11 days without an update, Pat finally cleared of his top priority TODO list and here are the recap:
  • Default kernel stock is now bumped to 3.10.16
  • aaa_base is bumped to 14.1. Now your /etc/slackware-version is at 14.1
  • aaa_elflibs is bumped to 14.1 to sync with all libraries shipped with 14.1
  • All UEFI-related tools are being upgraded or rebuilt to include better support for installing in UEFI-based system (elilo, gptfdisk, and lilo)
  • pkgtools is rebuilt to remove makebootdisk script and replace it with make USB boot stick instead
  • Several base packages are rebuilt and upgraded (logrotate, shadow, sysvinit-scripts)
  • All request from LQ are being fulfilled (mc, diffutils, cmake, guile, dconf, alpine, ntp, and openvpn)
  • Several new packages gets included on this batch, mostly are related to networking (tmux, gc, libevent, libunistring, conntrack-tools, ebtables, ipset, libmbim, libmnl, libnetfilter_{acct, conntrack, cthelper, cttimeout, log, queue}, libnfnetlink, libqmi, nfacct, ulogd)
  • tightvnc is replaced with tigervnc
  • many packages get upgraded: php, xf86-*, xauth, rdesktop, sane, network-manager-applet, lftp, iptables, imapd, epic5, ModemManager, NetworkManager, libarchive, calligra, powertop)
At this moment, it can be considered a frozen state of the development and nothing will changes unless there's an important reason for doing so (security vulnerabilities, critical bugs, regressions, etc).

Happy testing and enjoy Slackware 14.1 RC 1 :)

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