Server is Back Online

After finding out that the server had a failure on it's drive (it was probably a SATA controller issue), Robby Workman went to the datacenter to restore the server, but it seems that both disk (configured to be RAID) are dead, but some of the data on the second disk can be retrieved, so it took him a while to set up a new OS (definitely Slackware) and bring all of the contents back online.

So far, AlienBOB's blog has been restored and so does several other sites, such as Robby's webpage, sbopkg, SBo's mailing list, and Slackware's mirror site.

Let's take this chance to realize how valuable a backup can be and thanks to mirrors worldwide, most of the contents on that server can be fully restored in no time, especially Slackware repository and ISO's.

Big thanks to Robby Workman and Rob0 for their efforts working on restoring this server

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