Pending Updates

I have been away and i just got back from Singapore after staying there for 4 days. During these four days, there has been some updates on Slackware-Current and here they are:
  • usb_modeswitch upgraded to 2.0.1. This allows newer devices to be detected by this version
  • mesa is upgraded to 9.1.7, providing latest bug fixes
  • transfig and xfig is rebuilt to fix permission
  • kernel packages is rebuilt to make CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD modular in the huge kernels
  • lftp is reverted to 4.4.9 to fix mirror function
  • pciutil and usbutils are upgraded to the latest version
  • acct is rebuilt to fix the broken sa output
  • scim is rebuilt to put Qt module in the proper input method directory
  • xterm is upgraded to 297

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