Cumulative Updates

Since the changes in the previous releases are small, i decided to skip them and wait for more updates before i sum it all. Well, it seems that security fixes are now released as well, so i guess it's time to push a news about it.

Here are the recap:
  • elilo is now rebuilt to remove old entries and display the new boot entry after installing it and also fixed some path problems.
  • memtest86+ package has been upgraded in the installer image to 5.01
  • more security patches from Mancha. This time, libtiff and yp-tools are upgraded and rebuilt to include those fixes
  • ModemManager is rebuilt with a new configure parameter --with-polkit=no
  • NetworkManager is upgraded to
  • OpenSSH is also upgraded to 6.3p1
There is one request left on LQ and that's hplip-3.13.10 (i also requested this directly to Pat), but if it's possible, please add Calligra 2.7.4, which has just been released and also git-

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