Security Update: subversion

Patrick has issued one security advisory (SSA:2013-251-01) related to subversion which applicable to Slackware 14.0 and -Current. In both trees, subversion is upgraded to 1.7.13. The latest version of subversion is 1.8.3, but i guess Patrick is playing safe at this point by not upgrading to newer version to minimize of breaking other applications.

Lots of packages are upgraded in -Current tree and there are two new packages being added. Here are the summary:
  • Added two new packages: os-prober and xcb-util-cursor
  • Upgraded Linux Kernel to 3.10.11
  • Upgraded hdparm to 9.43 (Request in LQ)
  • Rebuilt lilo to use os-prober to detect unbootable Windows partition
  • Upgraded man-pages to 3.53
  • Upgraded development tools (gdb-7.6.1, git-1.8.4, perl-5.18.1)
  • Rebuilt glibc to remove pt_chown to fix CVE-2013-2207
  • Upgraded gnome-icon-theme to 3.8.3
  • Rebuilt libwnck, startup-notifications, blueman, and bluez
  • Moved xorg-server-1.14.2 into main tree and rebuilt all related driver
  • Rebuilt lots of xfce-related packages 
I think the base toolchain and libraries are all set in Slackware-Current and we only need a few more rounds of testing before labeling it into another stable release of Slackware-14.1.

I just wished that Patrick is willing to take gtk+3-3.8.4 into -Current soon.

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