digiKam 3.4.0 Released

Scheduled to be released on first of September, digiKam 3.4.0 was finally released nearly a week after. This version is now properly synced with KDE 4.11 branch even though previous version is working properly with KDE 4.11 as well.

Some of the highlight of this new version are:
  • Added interroperabilty with Capture NX about Color Labels support
  • Added new options to select Albums and Tags to process
  • Added multi-threading and multi-core CPU support for Metadata Synchronizer, Thumbs Generator, and Fingerprint Generator tools
This version also fixed some bugs:
  • 276092 - Change defaults for noise reduction.
  • 323271 - Face Recognition doesn't work.
  • 323253 - When face tag scanning, digikam exhausts all memory on computer.
  • 318198 - Failed to process item - rw2 to jpeg batch queue manager conversion.
  • 323165 - Delete pictures and folders are not removed from table-view
  • 323498 - (Some) Image Editor Color tools hang when starting them.
  • 323062 - digikam (core): Schema update to V 7 failed! 
  • 268688 - Write metadata to all images does not remove obsolete tags.
  • 324375 - XMP Metadata tab shows "Label" set by VIewNX, but Filter does not recognize. 
I have updated my digiKam SlackBuild on my SlackHacks repository to this version and it compiles fine here using KDE 4.11.1 from Eric Hameleers. 

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