New Qt, Amarok, and Firefox Packages

There are three new packages arriving on -Current tree today and they are Amarok 2.8, Qt-4.8.5, and Firefox 23.0.1. This is indeed good news for those who are eager to use KDE 4.11 since on some machines (including mine), i had to build Qt 4.8.5 before i can use KDE 4.11 normally, otherwise KWin keep crashing here. Lucky for you, Pat decided to help build Qt 4.8.5 for all Slackware users so that the transition to KDE 4.11 will be much smoother.

AmaroK 2.8 has been pushed to -Current as well. This is a good thing since AmaroK 2.7.1 has some compatibility issues with KDE 4.11, so it's better to use 2.8 when you are using KDE 4.11.

Lastly, Firefox has been upgraded to 23.0.1 to fix some minor regressions found shortly after 23 Final has been pushed to public.

Again, big thanks to Eric for providing KDE 4.11 and Pat for helping us to migrate to KDE 4.11 easier :)

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