Mozilla Updates

All of the Mozilla products are upgraded to the latest version, two of them are considered a security update (Thunderbird and Seamonkey). Firefox now has reached version 23 and it's likely be the final version that will go to  Slackware 14.1 unless Slackware 14.1 gets released next year.

util-linux is rebuilt to fix the data type in partx to prevent partx from silently truncating kernel table partition sizes/offsets to 4GB on 32-bit platforms, while glib is upgraded to fix sync issues on EXT4 on LVM machine as mentioned on their news page of the 2.36.4 release:
This change addresses a major issue: despite assurances in the documentation for the ext4 filesystem, it is still unsafe to omit a call to fsync() when doing atomic replaces, as per g_file_set_contents(). Some patches have gone into the kernel already, but we are putting the fsync() back for safety reasons.
The original bug report: #701560

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