lilo 24 comes in -current

Two years since their last release, finally Lilo 24.0 comes in and it will be part of the next Slackware 14.1. This is considered a major changes and what have they done in the past two years? Here they are:
  • Update many manpages and add some from Debian.
  • Add old documentation as (static) html.
  • Better support for GPT hard disks.
  • Support for use with kernel 3.x.
  • Fix to be compatible with gcc 4.8 and higher.
Well, not much, but at least it will make Slackware works better with Linux Kernel 3.x and also GPT-based hard disks.

We also have strace and MPlayer upgraded to the latest version, both to the stable release and also to the git snapshots.

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