Fixing Broken Installer

There have been two posts on LQ about broken installer on -Current tree (here and here) and both are now fixed on the latest -Current batch of updates. They were broken due to changes in dialog which was upgraded few days ago.

Another changes is to fix the conflict between e2fsprogs and util-linux and sysvinit and util-linux. fsck now belongs to util-linux, so in e2fsprogs, they are renamed to fsck-e2fsprogs. mountpoint is removed from sysvinit since it will be provided by util-linux. This was reported by Sl4ck3ver on LQ.

Last, boost was rebuilt to revert some changes (#82498) that broke MariaDB compilation so it prevented MariaDB 5.5.32 to be built. Now everything has been resolved and MariaDB 5.5.32 is available on Slackware-Current as well.

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